February 10, 2012

Intern Diaries: Sampling through Samples

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Today at Company X, myself and three other sales interns helped set up the in-house employee sample sale. The department that I intern in, sales, keeps track of all of the samples that are sent out to buyers and department stores. When a line of clothing has already been sold and no buyers or department stores request to see the clothing anymore, the sales department places these items in boxes. Once there are enough boxes, which usually happens once a month, it is time for the company sample sale! My job is to send out an email informing all of the employees that there will be a sample sale on a certain day. I also have to randomly assign each department a time slot in which they can go shop. Doing this avoids chaos at the sample sale.

The other interns and I sort through the boxes and organize everything into categories: accessories, tops, dresses, pants, skirts, coats, etc. We are required to hang everything up neatly on racks and organize each category by color. This makes it easier for the employees to shop without being overwhelmed. When everything is set up, I make signs that list the prices for the sample sale and post them around the room and by the cash registers. Next, I make sure the cash register is stocked with enough cash and change for the day. The last task I am given is to pull some things to be donated. The head of Company X is hugely involved in volunteer work all around New York City and loves giving back to others. She donates most of her unneeded or unsold clothing to a charity for less-fortunate women that provides them clothing to wear on interviews, at jobs, etc. I will usually get a list that tells me how many pieces of each category they need for the charity and pull all of the looks. I will steam them, put them in a garment bag, and send them away to the charity!

When it is time for the sale, the interns and I check everyone out and total up their purchases. My boss, again extremely giving and generous, donates all of the money from the sample sale to various charities. It is really nice working for a company that is not only concerned with their profits, but the well being of others, which is definitely a rarity in the business world today.

Christina Corrado is currently a sophomore at Fordham University. She is a Marketing major in the Gabelli School of Business. Originally from Summit, New Jersey, Christina has always made time to get into New York City for internships, shopping, events, and more! Christina aspires to have a business career in the fashion industry.

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