February 9, 2012

The Maroon Man: A League of His Own

If there is one thing that Fordham student Terry Brown knows, it's about how to incorporate swag. Originally from Los Angeles, California, Terry has been showing off his West Coast style in the Bronx for quite a while. You might have spotted him around campus, dodging the paparazzi in a flat brim hat with some shades on! All jokes aside, Terry is a very accomplished student designer and entrepreneur with his own brand "League Me."
This winter has been more chilly than snowy, meaning wind-resistant clothing is essential. Terry keeps warm by keeping it simple, rocking a League Me Varsity Windbreaker. Hold on, I know what you're thinking-- How can get I swag-tastic clothes like Terry? Well, I have at least one solution. Though many student's refrain from the chaotic consumer environment up on Fordham Road, it has been my guilty pleasure for the past two years. It’s a great place to shop for specific looks rather than name-brands, and is an affordable solution to trekking down to NYC. In fact, some of my favorite wardrobe pieces have come from Fine Men’s Wear, Conway and other storefronts up Fordham Road. Having one or two items from Fordham Road is a fun way of adding an urban edge to an outfit.
Insulated and wind resistant jackets are a must to survive the winter for guys who don't like to layer up or throw on a scarf. Under the jacket, he has on an original League Me Fitted Tee and tan Levi's Matchstick jeans. Nude tones and slim fit clothes like these are a big trend. An outfit doesn't have to be complicated to be successful. His look is fitted and simple, with a few small accessories that pop. Terry plays up his gray tee with a low-hanging gold chain, drawing more length-wise attention and accentuating his height.
In addition to the wind chill, this winter has also been very bright, leaving most of us walking around campus squinting, tearing and frost-bitten. Terry battles the elements with a pair of sleek, black RayBan's. A nice pair of solid color sunglasses is an easy way for guys to add a simple accessory, regardless of the season. Terry also sports a pair of red, low-top Vans. Recent shoe trends have reflected a retro 90's influence, and vans have an iconic and laid-back look. Askmen.com reviews that vans, "...are identifiable without being completely overdone on the streets...With most styles under $50". They are exactly what college men want out of the fashion world- affordability, versatility, and comfort.

Overall, Terry's look demonstrates an easy way to look sharp in this brisk weather. For those who need some new winter threads, try taking a walk up Fordham Road so you can turn your swag on while you turn the heat on this season.

Colin Croughan is currently a sophomore at Fordham University and a Communications and Media Studies major. After first modeling in the club’s annual show last year, Colin has become inspired to combine his interests in fashion and journalism. Colin hopes to pursue a career in the men’s’ fashion world and has come to love Fordham’s urban environment and close proximity to the city. Though Colin is excited to exhibit many Rose Hill fashion trends, he is particularly interested in sharing trends in men’s fashion that are low-effort, stylish and affordable. Check out some of his posts at fordhamffp.blogspot.com.

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