April 2, 2012

The Ram Runway: Spring Awakening

Spring is finally here, and while we all love the shining sun and flowers, it’s still too chilly to break out the summer wardrobe, and too warm for a winter jacket. The solution to this dilemma is mastering spring style, like sophomore Colleen Keeny! Her jeans, cropped jacket, scarf, and sneakers make a combination that is ideal for this time of year. Take your favorite pair of skinny jeans and pair them with a basic tee and a cropped jacket for a similar look. Lighter color leather jackets in white or tan, like this one from Forever 21, are great for pairing with spring prints. You could also go with a lightweight jacket like the one Colleen is wearing, or a cropped jean jacket like this one from Free People. Colleen also sports a classic pair of Converse sneakers. These are a great wardrobe staple that also doesn’t sacrifice function for fashion. Plus, they come in a variety of prints and colors so they’re super fun! You can’t go wrong with getting a classic, neutral color or getting funky with some of their bright colors like coral and lavender- perfect for spring!

Colleen finishes her look off with a fun scarf. Scarves are a great way to transition from cold to warm weather, especially ones in lighter fabrics like Colleen is wearing that won’t be too thick for Spring. Check out stores like Madewell and Forever 21 for cute scarves that come in any print or color you can imagine. Colleen also accessorizes by adding statement dangly earrings. You can’t go wrong with a simple but cute look like Colleen’s outfit here that makes the transition from winter to spring clothes a breeze!

Bryn Evans is a sophomore at Fordham University where she majors in Communications and Media studies. Originally from Washington, DC, she has been dreaming of a career in the fashion industry since a young age. She absolutely loves the energy of NYC and the amazing opportunities it has to offer!

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