April 4, 2012

The Ram Runway: Some 70's Flare

After seasons upon seasons of skinny jeans being a wardrobe staple, most of us can agree that it has become a big yawn on the fashion scene.  However, wide legs are here to welcome the warm spring and summer months this year!  Yes, you can look like your favorite 1970s style icon, with bellbottoms and an easy-going top that makes you want throw on your roller skates at the local rink.  Major modern trendsetters, such as supermodel Kate Moss, and mega-designer, Derek Lam, have paved the way for you to sport a free-spirited, casual bohemian look. 

Do you need a little inspiration? Callie McBride, a Milwaukee native Fordham College student, pulls off an effortlessly chic summer look. It’s perfect for any warm weather occasion like casual Governor’s Island picnics or sipping vino at a Napa Valley winery. She is wearing faux leather caramel Steve Madden shoes to stay true to her vegan beliefs, along with her dreamy dark-denim Citizen of Humanity wide-leg bell-bottoms. Her white Zara blouse (with one half tucked in, the other tucked out) gives her ensemble a casually polished look. A gold Jewelmint necklace highlights her top’s black collar, and her hair is naturally wavy to keep her look relaxed. What makes her outfit really great is her bright yellow Tory Burch bag, which of course makes one look forward to the warm summer sun.

Look forward to a free-spirited, bohemian summer wearing your favorite, comfy wide leg pants! Remember, wearing something low-key and simple can be infinitely more chic than ensembles that looked like they took hours to put together.  Simply show-off your beautiful smile, like Callie, and welcome whatever wonderful things life brings you.

Nicole Fishstein is freshman, studying international marketing, at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business. As a result of growing up around New York City since age eleven, she has grown to be passionate about the global street and high-end fashion, which has inspired her to have a career path in the fashion industry. 

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