April 13, 2012

Featured: Fashion Forward

Check out this AMAZING drawing by Fashion fo Philanthropy member Raúl Echavarría!

My name is Raúl Echavarría, born & raised in New York & ever since I could remember I've always been enamored by fashion. Its practice, its artistry, its essence & overall its ability to change a person's mood & disposition have always drawn me to inundate myself deeper & deeper with the craft & its intricacies. My reasons for loving fashion have generally been quite ambiguous & unfortunately suppressed. Although as one of my favorite designers (Marc Jacobs) once put it, "it's inexplicable which is what's so fantastic about it, I don't know why I love what I love, but I love that I don't know". Fashion to me is one of those intrinsically fundamental principles that if one is lucky enough to discover, it is necessary to relinquish all inhibitions, abandon oneself completely & adhere to it's limitless journey of excitement & whimsical prowess & let its vigor unconditionally resonate through one's being. 

This croquis that I drew demonstrates a lil' smidgin of how I consider fashion in the business casual sense & of course with the adornment of the FFP logo across the top clearly pledging allegiance to the club! I hope all of you enjoy pondering the drawing as much as I enjoyed making it! 

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