April 26, 2012

Couture for the College Girl: Winning Wedges

Let’s make a list of some closet staples that are in full swing for this spring and fall: bright lipsticks, pretty prints, and of course, wedges. Its time to put those tan knee-high Steve Madden boots back in the closet and get yourself a pair of shoes that will show some skin. Not only are wedges comfy, but they also give you a bit of that extra height you need to lengthen your legs and make those troublesome calf muscles look slender and sleek.
The great thing about wedges is that their versatile. Don’t want to be taller than all of your friends? Wear a fashionable mini wedge. If your new boyfriend is 6:4’ (if only), go for these beautifully printed Jimmy Choos, or an equally cute but more affordable substitute from J-Crew . Wedges come in all shapes and sizes, like the modest closed toe to the sexy t-strap to the delicate espadrille. They also incorporate some of the seasons hottest trends, like color blocking and a touch of metallic. If you’re not one of those girls who wears heels to class and (I don’t blame you), wedges are still a good investment! They can be worn for any occasion- from lunch with the family to a girl’s night out, or even the much anticipated Spring Weekend.
Maygan Anthony is a sophomore at Fordham University, majoring in International Political Economy and Arabic. Originally from Dallas, Texas, Maygan has had a love of fashion and writing from an early age. She finds inspiration from fashionistas like Coco Chanel and Vera Wang, and enjoys creating high-end looks at a low price.


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