April 27, 2012

Couture for the College Girl: Feminine, Fun, Floral

Wearing jeans has simply become a necessary part of everyday life. It’s like breathing, sleeping, eating even. Denim has practically become humanity’s second skin. But just because they’re so vital, that doesn’t mean they don’t get boring every once in a while. Enter the latest and hottest trend in denim: floral print jeans. The trend has its roots in acid washed jeans and ditsy floral prints of the 90’s (Sorry all you grungy girls, I just can’t get behind this return of acid washed jeans that I’m seeing everywhere lately) floral print denim began showing up a few years ago, though didn’t take off quite that much. But with the shift to bright neons and floral print for spring, these jeans have been popping up everywhere. And style that’s everywhere is my favorite thing about Couture for the College Girl, you can find them everywhere. From your favorite discount store in the mall to high-end denim boutiques, floral print is dominating. And who knows? It looks like it’s got some staying power. When styling, let the jeans be the statement piece. Keep it neutral with a plain tee, maybe a cardigan or blazer. The key, as always, is never to overwhelm!

Sara Jansson is a junior at Fordham University, majoring in English. Originally from Princeton, New Jersey, Sara finds inspiration in the fashions and fast-paced lifestyle of New York City. She is a featured blogger for Fashion for Philanthropy.

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