March 7, 2012

Ram Runway: DIY Fashionista

We’ve all been there--flipping through magazines, trying to find outfits we can copy for a day, assuming that these magazines are the official guidelines to fashion. Sometimes though, it’s easy to fall into the trap of only wearing what we see in magazines.  Since when is fashion all about copying? Who decides what fashion actually is?

The thing is, YOU decide what fashion is. YOU decide what to wear, and it’s YOU who makes your fashion style unique. We lose a sense of originality every time we copy—piece for piece--an outfit we see in the magazines. But one girl on campus has grabbed fashion by the reins and taken control.

Sara DeNault, a sophomore at Rose Hill, has defied following the trends in magazines. DeNault has brought her own creativity into her style: her shoes are her own design! DeNault melted different crayons and had the wax drip onto her shoes, which were originally plain black. The colors mixed together to form a truly unique design. The best part? The wax can be easily removed, so DeNault is able to create different looks time and time again.

DeNault has always been one of my favorite fashion icons of the campus. I love her edgy style and how her outfits come out looking chic and fresh each time. Her outfits have ranged from tye-dye tanks and abstract patterned cardigans to heart patterned tights and mini dresses. She has her own style that I feel can’t be matched to anything else and certainly doesn’t come from a magazine.

I’m kind of in love with black sneakers, and they make it easy to try DeNault’s look for yourself! Black sneakers are everywhere, but my favorites are from Supra Tk. These shoes are chic and shiny-so your designs will come off easily without leaving a mark. Not that great with the paint? No problem! There are so many places to go to find professionally done splattered shoes. For a mere (ha-ha) 150 dollars, you can even get a pair of splatter painted Uggs! Sperry also offers a tye-dyed canvas boat shoe, which will be a great look for the spring and summer time.

The thing about fashion is that while it’s always good to welcome up and coming style advice and new trends, we also need to step back and take our own advice. Get in touch with your own likes and dislikes, and then create your very own style- without taking any tips from the magazines or the celebs!

Briana Rotello is a sophomore at Fordham Campus, Rose Hill. She grew up in Rockville, Maryland and attended Wootton High School. She had always pictured herself living in New York City, and after she found Fordham University, she was able to put her dreams into action.
She picked Fordham University for both its academic integrity, strong focus on writing, and its location. She is planning on majoring in Communications. Briana aspires to be a fashion journalist after college and appreciates all the learning opportunities offered to her in the great city of New York. She is ecstatic to experience more of the fashion world, and to learn more about the art of writing.

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