February 22, 2012

The Ram Runway: Staying Connceted

My friends from home are amazing. Before college, we would spend every weekend together, if not more. It was so easy to see them every day, since we all went to the same school, and took part in many of the same after school activities. But being at college is different-- it was such an adjustment to go from seeing them every day to seeing them only on breaks instead!

This week, I’ve been missing them more than anything. Anyone else would think I hadn’t seen them in ages. I write on each of their Facebook walls a million times a day and I blow up their phones, telling them silly things about my day. But whenever I’m feeling really down, all I have to do is take one look at the charm necklace we each have, and I immediately cheer up.

There are so many ways to keep your friends from home in mind when you’re all away at college. As a fan of jewelry, I am completely for friendship necklaces, bracelets…well, friendship anythings!
Though they might be cute, forget the woven, stringy, bracelets of summer camps past.  Fordham students Megan Wrinn and Emily Kurtenbach have found a more elegant way to represent their bond, through this stylish interpretation of a friendship bracelet.

For Christmas, these girls gave each other bracelets with matching gem stones. Though the stones are the same, the delicate chain that wraps around each girl’s the wrist is different. Wrinn’s chain is a chic silver, while Kurtenbach’s is a gorgeous gold. The stone is an amber color, which looks great with both colored chains. 

The girls found these bracelets at the Columbus Circle Christmas shops-- a famous collection of pop-up shops that everyone SHOULD go to during the holiday season (mark that on your calendars now!) But, don’t worry—even though the holidays have passed, you don’t have to wait for next December to find something just as meaningful.

During the summer time, you can find cute friendship bracelets all over the beach and the boardwalk. I like those because you can get so many with the pretty beads mixed in with the string. However, other stores offer bracelets, necklaces, and rings that last just as long as your friendship will.

My favorite string ones are at Juicy Couture and they come in all different colors! They also have a clasp that ensures they won’t fall off easily! A cute metal friendship bracelet can be made from the Alex and Ani Script Initial Bangle. Give your friend his or her initial, or give them yours! And another plus? These bracelets are eco-friendly and made from recycled brass! My favorite bracelet to give, though, would be the Michael Kors PavĂ© Heart Charm Bangle. It comes in three metal tones, and I just love the heart. It is something that can be worn any time, no matter what the occasion, so your friend can be on your mind all the time! Though it is pricier, the gorgeous and timeless shape will make it truly last!
So how long has it been since you picked up the phone, or wrote on Facebook? Your best friend is probably missing you just as much. Call them up! Make some crazy plans to see each other, and, while you’re together, get something that reminds you of each other. It’s worth it, and it is the most comforting feeling to know that you can always have them with you, no matter what! 

Briana Rotello is a sophomore at Fordham Campus, Rose Hill. She grew up in Rockville, Maryland and attended Wootton High School. She had always pictured herself living in New York City, and after she found Fordham University, she was able to put her dreams into action.
She picked Fordham University for both its academic integrity, strong focus on writing, and its location. She is planning on majoring in Communications. Briana aspires to be a fashion journalist after college and appreciates all the learning opportunities offered to her in the great city of New York. She is ecstatic to experience more of the fashion world, and to learn more about the art of writing.

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