February 24, 2012

Intern Diaries: It’s That Time Again!

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Market Week is back! Market Week is the week that occurs a couple of days after New York Fashion Week. Company X had an extremely successful Fall 2012 Collection at Fashion Week. The theme of this years show was “Fashion is a puzzle.” The collection had a very interesting, creative theme based around jigsaw puzzle pieces. Garments featured these puzzle pieces and models carried puzzle piece accessories. Company X had an extremely packed show, including guests: Oscar de la Renta, Anderson Cooper, Diane Sawyer, and Barbara Walters.

Company X’s show featured a ton of dresses in dark colors, but also in fun cocktail colors, such as tropical pinks, lime greens, and bright blues. The colors and styles really exemplified the collections name, “Rendezvous.” The head of Company X explained that her collection was all about being a woman, the art of seduction, and loving your body. The show was truly an inspiration and now, it is a blast to be able to see what goes on behind the scenes and how the clothes are sold!
via weheartit.com
Market Week is always the craziest week at Company X. I came into work after my classes around 1 and did not leave until 10 PM! There were a lot of sales meetings with buyers all day, so other interns and myself were assigned to set up the tables for the appointments. We had to set the tables neatly with cups, lunch and/or snacks, beverages, line sheets, fabric/color sheets, and runway booklets. These tables keep the clients satisfied and allow them to each see the line with their own packets of information. Along with the table setup, the interns also had to dress models for appointments. Some buyers wanted to see how the clothing looks on the body, so they gave me outfits that they handpicked for the models to try on. Setting up the tables and dressing models were the main tasks I was given on the first day of Market Week, but I definitely will have some more duties in the coming days!

Christina Corrado is currently a sophomore at Fordham University. She is a Marketing major in the Gabelli School of Business. Originally from Summit, New Jersey, Christina has always made time to get into New York City for internships, shopping, events, and more! Christina aspires to have a business career in the fashion industry.

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