October 25, 2011

XOXO, The Editors: Friends, Food, & Fashion Trivia!

Hey all!
We hope that you have been having an excellent few days and enjoying the great posts so far! Thanks to everyone that came out for our Fashion for Philanthropy Members' Mixer! It was a lot of fun!
Here are some snapshots from the event:
For those of you that missed out, we held an exciting little game of Fashion Trivia and learned a lot of tidbits about the industry!
Here are the questions (and answers) if you want to freshen up your fashion knowledge!
  1. Who is the editor in chief of Vogue Magazine?
    Anna Wintour 
  2. Who is the director at Chanel?
    Karl Lagerfeld 
  3. What museum hosts an annual gala that features designers and celebrates high fashion?
    The MET
  4. What designer is known for the infamous red sole?
    Christian Louboutin 
  5. Where is the fashion house Dior based?
  6. What American sportswear pioneer’s logo is a pony?
    Ralph Lauren 
  7. What celebrity was famous for popularizing tie wearing for girls in the 2000’s?
    Avril Lavigne 
  8. Who is the creative director of Vogue Magazine?
    Grace Coddington 
  9. What is the name of the documentary on Vogue Magazine?
    The September Issue 
  10. Name 3 Condé Nast published fashion magazines?
    Allure, Vanity Fair, GQ, Teen Vogue, Vogue, Lucky, WWD, Glamour, W. 
  11. Where is New York fashion week held?
    Lincoln Center 
  12. Name 3 prominent fashion bloggers.
    Sea of Shoes, Tavi, Bryan Boy, Hanelli....
  13. Who launched the most recent cheap chic Target collection?
  14. Which designer's shoes are shaped like armadillo feet?
    Alexander McQueen 
  15. Name the three fashion icons that serve as judges on Project Runway.
    Heidi Klum, Michael Kors, Nina Garcia. 
  16. Who is the CFDA President?
    Diane Von Furstenburg
  17. What do the initials BCBG stand for?
    Bon Chic Bon Genre 
  18. What fashion line is known for ducks on their purses?
    Dooney and Bourke 
  19. What designer is responsible for creating the LBD Audrey Hepburn wore in Breakfast at Tiffany’s?
  20. What designer designed Kate Middleton’s wedding dress?
    Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen 
  21. What does pret-a-porter stand for?
    Ready to Wear 
  22. Name 3 people who have starred in Marc Jacobs ads.
    Helena Bonham Carter, Victoria Beckham, Dakota Fanning
  23. Who’s Spring 2011 collection included lots of Bananas?
  24. Who was the first designer to popularize the LBD?
  25. What was Louis Vuitton’s original product?
    Monogram trunks
  26. What is the next H&M designer collaboration collection?
  27. What school offers a fashion law program to protect the intellectual property of designers?
    Fordham Law
  28. What are the four main fashion capitals of the world?
    Paris, New York, Milan, London 
  29. What does a haberdashery sell?
    Small articles for sewing 
  30. What fashion industry trade-journal is considered "the bible of fashion"?
  31. Which designers PR girl is know for leading fashion to the twitterverse (twitter universe)?
  32. What is the actual name of the Burberry check pattern introduced in 1924?
    Nova Check 
  33. Where did denim originate?
    Nimes, France (De Nimes) 
  34. What designer is responsible for “The New Look”?
    Christian Dior 

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