October 24, 2011

The Ram Runway: The Statement Piece

For all fashionistas alike, statement pieces are essential in order to draw the eye to an outfit and make it stand out. Statement pieces are usually the items that fashionistas use to update what may be considered a “boring” outfit. These pieces usually are luxe items that fashionistas covet in their wardrobes. They can be expressive bags, brightly colored accessories, silky scarves, funky glasses, eye-popping shoes and of course amazing jewelry; though these are just a few examples of items that can make an outfit complete.

This week’s fashionista chose to make a statement with her wonderful and unique oversized bag. I spotted it from a distance, as I recognized the Edgar Degas ballet picture plastered on the side. When I stopped this fashionista, I immediately pointed out her bag, but then realized she also had a great fall outfit to accompany it. Her leather tan boots, worn with a bare leg, are not only fashionable but also daring in the fall. I liked how she stepped away from the norm and wore her fall boots with a stretchy navy skirt, instead of the typical jeans or leggings. Her silky patterned top, untucked from her skirt, gave the outfit a relaxed vibe. While the light tan leather coat pulled the entire ensemble together.

Her bag, which she found at the Metropolitan Opera House gift shop, not only serves as an eye-catching fashionable statement bag, but also is big enough to use for class and serve as carryall tote. Statement pieces like this fashionista’s are a great way to express your individual style and give your outfits a punch that will be hard to ignore. This week’s fashionista did a great job in doing just that. I was so glad her statement bag caught my eye.

Alex Casolaro is currently a sophomore at Fordham University and is a Communications and Media Studies major. Alex is completely enticed with the fashion world and living in New York City has only inspired her more to pursue a career in the fashion industry. She is greatly influenced by photographing and documenting street style and keeping tabs on the happenings of the fashion industry locally and globally. Check out some of her posts at fordhamffp.blogspot.com. 

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