September 28, 2012


HAPPY FALL SEMESTER EVERYONE! FFP IS BACK! We are looking for new bloggers for the Fall 2012 Semester! If you are a member of FFP and are interested in writing for us, below are some details:

If you haven't already, navigate yourself around the blog! Get a feel for which section you are interested in writing for and familiarize yourself with the style.

To Apply:

There are currently there are four writing sections to apply for:
1. Ram Runway: Featuring fashions of Fordham’s female students
2. Maroon man: Featuring fashions of Fordham’s male students
3. Couture for the College Girl: “Look for Less” articles--taking high end pieces/trends and finding similar ones for student friendly prices
4. Intern Diaries: Documenting one’s fashion interning experiences (If your company does not want you to reveal its name, you can always change it, please ask your internship what they would prefer)
  • Your post should consist of 250-500 words
  • If writing for Maroon Man/Ram Runway, discuss the look that your subject is wearing, what you like about it, and how someone else could replicate the items from it. If you want to include links that will be posted in your article please put them to the right of the word in parenthesis 
Suede booties (
  • Pictures (Maroon Man/Ram Runway): Please make sure to take photos with a REAL CAMERA and NOT a cell phone camera. Make sure they are clear and quality photos. Do not crop, add text, and/or add filters to the photos!
  • Couture for the College Girl: Don’t worry about formatting it exactly like the current blog posts. A word document with photos will work fine for now!
  • Also, please mention any writing/blog experience you had in the past/currently!
  • Please write in a word document & e-mail as an attachment
  • Email to
To Apply:
  • We see what your editing capabilities are!
  • After we receive blogging submissions on 10/3, we will forward you some of these posts to be edited.
  • Please make as many or as little changes to the articles in either any color (that is noticeable against the black text).
  • You don’t need to have any prior experience with editing but please indicate any that you do have!
  • E-mail your responses to

If you meet the qualifications, you will receive an email with more details about your position!

Remember! You aren’t restricted to the categories above! Please feel free to come up with new ideas that you think would make for great sections! You can also apply formore than one section. Also note: you may apply for editor and blogger, but you may not be both.

Can’t wait to read your posts! Have fun & Happy Friday!


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