May 2, 2012

Ram Runway: Out of your Comfort Zone

Strolling around campus, I see that most people do not go out of their comfort zone in their wardrobe choices. Many stick to neutral, preppy clothing and are afraid of going out of their bubble. My daily outlook is to always wear looks that are not flat-out copies from others to give myself a pure “Nicole Fishstein” look.

In this outfit, I try to combine the feeling of the bright and crazy 1980s with a twist of 1960s pop art. To guide me in my clothing decisions, I am inspired by MIA, Santigold, Andy Warhol, Japanese Street fashion, and Keith Haring. My earrings were bought for a mere ten dollars at the Chelsea Garage Flea Market. Wearing them makes me feel a bit like a modern-day Twiggy. My bold lip print faux-Miss Sixty leggings and green top were bought at the Chinese website My hot pink faux-suede platform sandals were bought at H&M to make the look have an extra burst of fun.

When putting an outfit on, make sure you have an “I don’t care” attitude. With the right demeanor, you will be surprised the wild looks you are able to pull off. Throw on that random fringe suede jacket that you found in your mom’s closet or lace on those sparkly spiked Doc Marten boots that you found in some thrift store. Fashion is really about expressing yourself, and not just simply following trends. When people see you, don’t you want to make a bold first impression? Don’t be a wallflower. Be as vivid as a peacock. 

Nicole Fishstein is freshman, studying international marketing, at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business. As a result of growing up around New York City since age eleven, she has grown to be passionate about the global street and high-end fashion, which has inspired her to have a career path in the fashion industry.

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