April 20, 2012

Couture for the College Girl: Crazy for Color-blocking

Spring is the ideal time to experiment with colorful fashions that you may have previously felt a little uncomfortable donning in the colder months. But no fashionable girl is complete without a brightly colored springtime sundress. So, if traditional floral patterns aren’t your thing, why not give color-blocking a try? Bright, rich geometric patterns on a sundress add a fun and unexpected twist to the typical springtime garb. With endless amounts of color combinations, color-blocking can pair neutrals with brights, bolds with subtles, and any combination of shades for a distinct look. Don’t be afraid to play with fabrics and textures either, some color-block outfits mix and match different patterns or fabrics- perhaps they’re better off being called “ texture-block” in that case! Either way, color-blocking is a trend that’s easy to get into for the not-so-daring, but still perfectly relevant for the seasoned fashionista.

Sara Jansson is a junior at Fordham University, majoring in English. Originally from Princeton, New Jersey, Sara finds inspiration in the fashions and fast-paced lifestyle of New York City. She is a featured blogger for Fashion for Philanthropy.

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