March 21, 2012

The Ram Runway: Lovely Layering

March is such a strange month-- It can be barely topping twenty-nine degrees one day and it can reach almost seventy the next! What do you wear? It is almost spring, right? How come in the mornings I still feel the need to pull out those big, comfy sweaters that I would normally associate with Siberian blizzards? Yet by the middle of the day, the temperatures are so high that I swear I could be burning in the Sahara desert (okay that’s an exaggeration-but you get the idea). What is the answer to this crazy dilemma? It is called layering, people! The concept that is so taken for granted that sometimes you can forget about it. As the days have such crazy, varying temperatures you can simply take on and off clothing throughout the day.

Need help with what makes a great March outfit? Mika Kiyono, who hails from Tokyo, pulls a transitional season outfit with ease, with a grey Forever 21 top with an on-trend, sparkly collar and a Tokyo Boutique black cardigan with silver buttons.  The top is lightweight enough for gallivanting outside during the warm parts of a March day, but the cardigan gives you enough cozy warmth for being able to survive those random chilly moments.   Her burnt orange skinny pants add a punch of bold color to the ensemble, while her flat black Nine West flats keep her outfit sleek and simple.  What inspires her, overall, are blogs like Jak & Jil, and New Yorkers in general. This ensemble, like all of Mika’s, has a certain simple elegance that seems nonchalantly composed as it successfully morphs with the ever- changing March weather.

Also, don’t feel obligated to always wear green this March to have some non-stop St. Patrick’s Day celebration.  As someone who absolutely is not Irish whatsoever, I feel silly feeling like I have to wear a color that looks absolutely unflattering on me.  Wearing any bright colors with layers can help you transition into the spring season with ease (no matter how bi-polar the weather is). 

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