March 29, 2012

The Ram Runway: For Those Rainy Days...

As good as we have it here at Fordham, there are always going to be those miserable, don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed, rainy days. Luckily, there is fashion to pick us up and get us out there to take on the day, as ugly and wet as it may be. It seems that in the fashion world, rainy days have almost become a holiday. We get a slight surge of excitement once we are up and out of bed and see that it is raining because it means we get to pull out our rain boots, trench coats, fun umbrellas and water-resistant accessories. It’s not all the time that we get to wear those pieces, so when a rainy day or two does come along, a funky-printed umbrella may be the only thing motivating us to take on the day.

Emmy, a great friend and fellow sophomore at Rose Hill, was feeling the same way I was this week on one of the many rainy days we had. Neither of us felt like moving, let alone going to class or studying for midterms, so I went to her room to help her pick out something comfortable, cute,  and rain-ready. Skinny blue jeans served as the canvas for her look accompanied with a basic black cropped top. To add a little spice, I had her throw on a gorgeous leopard print button up sweater. Leaving it unbuttoned and loose kept it casual for class and comfortable, something key for a rainy day when we usually want to feel as if we never left bed. A classic black oversized bag assisted Emmy in lugging around her books and a simple gold chain with a beautiful turquoise pendant added just enough bling to her outfit.

Lastly of course, were Emmy’s black Hunter rain boots. I actually think that almost every girl at Fordham owns a pair of Hunter boots. I have seen them and continue to see them in every color of the rainbow, style, and height. Hunter’s are famous and the best-of-the-best of rain boot brands. I highly recommend investing in a trusted name brand pair of rain boots. I wear mine from Macy’s in the rain, snow, sleet and cold. They come in handy often and you will be glad you do not have to ruin your suede or leather boots when the weather does get bad. Brands like L.L Bean, Capelli and Ugg also offer great rain boot options that will last forever. 

Alex is currently a sophomore at Fordham University and is a Communications and Media Studies major. Alex is completely enticed with the fashion world and living in New York City has only inspired her more to pursue a career in the fashion industry. She is greatly influenced by photographing and documenting street style and keeping tabs on the happenings of the fashion industry locally and globally. 

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