February 17, 2012

Sponsors: Shoshanna

Fashion for Philanthropy could not be more excited to announce that Shoshanna will be participating in our spring fashion show for a third time! This year’s show will feature TEN looks from the whimsical and detail oriented designer. Shoshanna’s bold prints and bright colors are a favorite among celebrities such as Taylor Swift and Zooey Deschanel. Our April 20th charity fashion show will prove that these feminine and flattering designs are not only red carpet ready but are perfect for the fashion-forward college girl, too.

If you can’t wait until April 20th to check out the Shoshanna looks that are sure to rock the runway, head over to the website to browse the newest collection and do some online shopping. Want even more information about the flirty, yet easy to wear designs? Connect with Shoshanna through Facebook and Twitter

Ellen Wray is a sophomore at Fordham University where she is a Communications and Media Studies major. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Ellen always dreamed of living and studying in New York City. She has always found inspiration in New York’s forward-thinking fashion scene and is excited to be experiencing it first hand.  

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