February 29, 2012

The Ram Runway: Spring Chic

We can all admit it. We are all over having a winter mindset and are ready to embrace the fresh crispness spring.Even though this winter was rather wimpy, most of us would not complain if the whole blossoming of flowers and warmer weather shebang would arrive pronto! Dreams of having picnics on Eddies in flowing skirts with classic wide-brimmed hats and cat-eye sunglasses will become a reality in the near future; the official start of spring is only less than three weeks away! To make the season more fun, most Spring 2012 trends embrace colors and feminine silhouettes. Designers, such as Preen, Louis Vuitton and Prada show great examples for this current spring wave, as they used simple, fresh prints in pastel hues over girlish shift, waist-cinched, and drop-waist dresses that echo the time periods of the 1950s, 1920s, and early 1960s.If you want to surface your inner Jackie O, Daisy Buchanan, or Grace Kelly, go ahead, because it is certainly stylish!

Fordham University student and Phoenix-native, Lauren Sheffield, pulls off a spring 2012 outfit with ease. She wears an ensemble that welcomes the upcoming warm season. Sporting a look that recalls the Marc Jacobs Spring 2012 collection’s 1920s tomboy-inspired ensembles, she wears a simple grey Forever 21 sweater over a bright yellow Anthropologie dress, which gives off a drop-waist effect. This technique shows that you do not need to buy new pieces to stay current with fashion styles. Simply layering pre-existing items can do the same trick. To prepare for the still slightly chilly weather, Lauren adds a dark grey Target scarf, which gives the outfit a more architectural feel, with its burst of volume over the grey sweater. She also carries a J. Crew red leather bag, which follows the small, bright leather-bag trend, as seen by designers like Fendi and Alexander McQueen. Sand-colored Zara booties also add a cute, comfy touch to the outfit. What inspires Lauren to pull together chic ensembles are the streets of New York City and blogs like Cupcakes and Cashmere and The Sartorialist. Looking for pieces that truly stimulate your creativity through various resources, like a group of websites or your surroundings, can truly improve your entire ensemble’s look.

A word of advice for Spring 2012: do not feel overwhelmed when trying to pull off the season’s trends. All the simple styles you would need are in your closet. Like Lauren layering a sweater over a dress to create a drop-waist look; you can search for items you already own and put them together in different ways to look chic. Also, do not simply follow all trends simply because they are considered to be “in.” Choose styles that make you feel beautiful, as you inner confidence is what makes any girl stand out and shine. Have a happy spring and make sure that your daily looks are as cheerful as the upcoming blossoms!

Nicole Fishstein is freshman, studying international marketing, at Fordham’s Gabelli School of Business. As a result of growing up around New York City since age eleven, she has grown to be passionate about the global street and high-end fashion, which has inspired her to have a career path in the fashion industry. 

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