February 16, 2012

The Maroon Man: Layers of Class

A friend and fellow student of mine, Martini Tangco, has refined his urban look ever since he has taken up residence off-campus and gotten a job at Urban Outfitters. His look is very versatile, and it is not only perfect for a day in the city, but also for a presentation at school. As my time at Fordham continues, I find myself being drawn toward NYC more and more. With all the academic and social opportunities the city has to offer, it is key to know how to dress up an outfit and layer up for various occasions.    

My favorite part of this ensemble is the blazer. A blazer with jeans is a very popular and comfortable look. An understated blazer like Martini's can really convey a sophisticated appearance without looking too overdressed. Shoes are also a major factor for a successful outfit. Like many of my friends, I am starting to develop an insatiable shoe fetish that will never be satiated. Therefore, I couldn’t help but envy Martini’s pair of Original Penguin leather dress shoes, which accented the blazer quite nicely. It’s essential to have a comfortable pair of leather shoes that are perfect for venturing into the city. Leather has an ideal texture for city excursions due to its durability and versatility. In my personal experience, traveling through New York can get messy, so it is a huge stress-reliever to have clothing that can handle surprise rainstorms, pigeons, and spilt coffee!
Under his blazer, Martini sports a horizontal striped shirt from American Apparel over a button down from Club Monaco.  The tri-chromatic red, white, and blue color scheme really pops as the centerpiece of the outfit while Martini’s jeans are a more understated tone of blue. If you’ve read previous Maroon Man articles, you may have noticed the field watch trend make another appearance in this outfit. Notice how he accessorizes with a brown leather field watch and a simple, yet masculine red bead bracelet. Martini successfully orchestrates a comfortable city-appropriate outfit for professional and social occasions on or off campus.

Colin Croughan is currently a sophomore at Fordham University and is a Communications and Media Studies major. After first modeling in the club’s annual show last year, Colin has become inspired to combine his interests in fashion and journalism. Colin hopes to pursue a career in the men’s’ fashion world and has come to love Fordham’s urban environment and close proximity to the city. Though Colin is excited to exhibit many Rose Hill fashion trends, he is particularly interested in sharing trends in men’s fashion that are low-effort, stylish, affordable.

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