November 23, 2011

The Ram Runway: The Versatility of the Maxi Dresses…Wait, What?

A dress is a dress and a skirt is a skirt. That is how all clothing is made to be, right? (Well, minus the ever-fun reversible jacket that offers two different patterns in one!) But what would happen if style hunters started to cheat the system?

Maxi dresses and maxi skirts alike will usually have elastic bands within their fabrics, or be originally made of a stretchy fabric. Forever 21 offers many flowy maxi skirts that are made of stretchable material or have an elastic within them. My favorite maxi skirt that I have seen has been Nordstrom’s Lily White Maxi Skirt (juniors). This skirt offers a more form fitting top as it gradually flares towards the bottom for a more flirty shape.

Caitlin Carr, a sophomore at Fordham University Rose Hill, is a wanted criminal, but she is too sneaky to catch! Perfectly using the style of what used to be only a maxi dress, she adjusts it to become her new favorite maxi skirt. The shape of the dress from top to bottom allows it to successfully disguise itself into an effortlessly flowy skirt that looks just right. Carr creates a folded effect with the rouched strapless top of the dress that adds further to the free movement of the bottom. Pairing the olive green color with a simple back v-neck tee and black flats is the right move to make to accentuate the effect of the skirt. Looking even more like a Greek goddess with her natural curls, Carr is ready to embrace the day.

To make this transition work, first be sure that the maxi dress is strapless and has an elastic top! Then it will be easier to make it into a long skirt. You can either fold the elastic, like Carr did, or even scrunch it to create a frill look. For a maxi skirt turned maxi dress, also make sure the fabric is stretchy, but definitely make sure it isn’t see-through! You may also try pulling it over a long sleeve, (use a different color shirt underneath; for example, with the rust color of the Nordstrom skirt, it can be paired nicely with a cream colored long sleeve shirt) and add a vest or cardigan for a more boho/grunge look. Don’t be afraid to try out new and different things! In the end, experimenting and creating new ideas is what style is all about.

Briana Rotello is a sophomore at Fordham Campus, Rose Hill. She grew up in Rockville, Maryland and attended Wootton High School. She had always pictured herself living in New York City, and after she found Fordham University, she was able to put her dreams into action.
She picked Fordham University for both its academic integrity, strong focus on writing, and its location. She is planning on majoring in Communications. Briana aspires to be a fashion journalist after college and appreciates all the learning opportunities offered to her in the great city of New York. She is ecstatic to experience more of the fashion world, and to learn more about the art of writing.

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