November 30, 2011

The Ram Runway: The Other Way to Host a Tea Party

If you know me, you know I am not the most colorful or totally girly person when it comes to clothing. I stick to neutral and earth tones, and I like sharp edges and clutter when it comes to adding accessories to match. I am a scarf freak (I refuse to let the scarf holder in my room reach its limit) and obsessed with shoes and purses. I hardly layer (which gives reason to my love of warm sweater dresses), and I wear almost every dress with a belt. My hair is just brown and almost always down and curly, except for the “special” days when I decide to straighten it. The biggest leap I’ve ever wanted to make with my hair was to lighten it and add red highlights, but I am too nervous to change.

What I first spotted about this fashionista, Caitlin Van Horn who attends Fordham University - Rose Hill, was her fiery red hair, which I personally think is the best accessory she could add to any outfit she wears. Hairstyles, as big of a surprise as it may be, can actually be what makes or breaks an outfit. This season, they have become so diverse and personal that it adds more than just an addition to the outfit. It adds style. Hair can be smooth or fun, crazy or laid back. Trendsetters set the mood with their hair, enabling a sense originality to exert from anyone. No longer do stylists pick the beautifully and perfectly curled locks to match their ensembles. Today, they cut, color, shave, and gel to get their desired looks that both add a spark to their outfits and define their personalities. As Lady Gaga once said, “I’m as free as my hair.”

I love and envy Van Horn’s outfit and hair. She works a floral printed cardigan perfectly into her outfit, matching it with a solid olive green dress that flares at the waist. The slight v-neck cut of the dress adds a feminine and delicate touch to add to the floral print and the pastel colors it brings into the outfit. Yet breaking the delicacy and taking the outfit to the next level, Van Horn adds knee high pastel socks with a tan heeled boot. The socks add girlish fun to the outfit, and the shoes toughen it up with their bulky heel and combat boot like laces. The combination of these pieces allow Van Horn to ditch the expected polite and proper norms of a Tea Party and embrace the vitality and fast moving pace of life. Van Horn completes the outfit with smaller accessories of a thin necklace and a pale pink headband that glows against the color of her hair. Styled just right, her wavy hair and bangs with the headband allow for a less dramatic statement, perfectly letting the red color shine without being too much at all. The thin necklace too acts as a small addition, leaving focus to lie on the rest of the outfit.

So, the moral of the story is to not be afraid of change. In fact, totally embrace change, and along the way, break some rules. In a personal way, you can find out more about yourself, but getting back to talking fashion, you can open new doors to options and styles you never knew were meant for you.

Briana Rotello is a sophomore at Fordham Campus, Rose Hill. She grew up in Rockville, Maryland and attended Wootton High School. She had always pictured herself living in New York City, and after she found Fordham University, she was able to put her dreams into action.
She picked Fordham University for both its academic integrity, strong focus on writing, and its location. She is planning on majoring in Communications. Briana aspires to be a fashion journalist after college and appreciates all the learning opportunities offered to her in the great city of New York. She is ecstatic to experience more of the fashion world, and to learn more about the art of writing.

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