November 16, 2011

The Ram Runway: Fabulous FAUX Sure!

We have seen a lot of animal print making its way from the wild and onto various clothing pieces this fall. But do not worry! The fur patterns are faux, which protects animals and trendsetters’ stylish reputations both at the same time.

Faux fur comes in a variety of shapes, textures, and pieces of clothing. The fur can be featured on shoes (specifically boots), hats, gloves, scarves, wraps, sleeveless vests, on jackets at the collar, or can make up a whole jacket for a more dramatic effect. If you are willing to spend the extra money, gorgeous faux fur jackets like this one at Nordstrom can be found and used again and again.

For a less dramatic but still noticeable fur effect, Forever 21 offers great pieces, especially when it comes to simple coats with fur collars. The convertible collar coat features a full fur collar, while the rest of the coat is a rusty red color. The combination of the color and the fur allow for a trendy and chic cover up for the colder days ahead, and enables its wearer to use it any time.

Juliana Gioffre, a freshman at Fordham University, Rose Hill, demonstrates how to correctly (and amazingly) wear a faux fur vest. The vest itself is what adds the drama to Gioffre’s outfit, and becomes the show stealer against her blush pink blouse, black pants, and black booties.

Detail within her outfit is what allows for it to all come together. Her plain black jeans add a sleek canvas for the rest of the colors present within her attire. Her boots, though black too, include side fringing, which gives depth and flare to her simple black skinny legged jeans. Gioffre’s vest combines its dark sandy color and black spots of leopard to the outfit, adding the right amount of pattern to the different colors she has chosen to put together. Last but not least is the pale pink blouse itself. The pale pink gives her vest a better frame, as the lighter color allows for the focus to be on the vest. The bow tied draped collar and maiden styled sleeves defy the possibility of adding too much, as both details successfully provide a feminine touch to the wild side to the outfit.

Gioffre is a perfect how-to-wear-it model for the all fur vest, especially for a vest with bold colored prints! When reaching for that fur vest, coat or other fur accessory in your wardrobe, evaluate first the style of fur before throwing it on. The rule “add to simple and leave it to bold” applies not only to faux fur clothing pieces, but also to any other item that needs a tiny nudge or a tremendous runway.

Briana Rotello is a sophomore at Fordham Campus, Rose Hill. She grew up in Rockville, Maryland and attended Wootton High School. She had always pictured herself living in New York City, and after she found Fordham University, she was able to put her dreams into action.

She picked Fordham University for both its academic integrity, strong focus on writing, and its location. She is planning on majoring in Communications. Briana aspires to be a fashion journalist after college and appreciates all the learning opportunities offered to her in the great city of New York. She is ecstatic to experience more of the fashion world, and to learn more about the art of writing.

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