November 7, 2011

The Ram Runway: Army Tough

Trends and styles inspired by all sectors of the Army have always been fabulous ways to toughen up any outfit. Using militia-inspired pieces such as army-green jackets, military hats, utilitarian-style bags, cargo pants, and combat boots are ways to incorporate this trend into everyday ensembles. I love anything army-inspired, as these pieces give an edge to rather ordinary outfits and are a great way to look hip but still pulled together.

Be careful though, because some army wear can become over the top and look mismatched if not styled correctly. I usually suggest integrating one, maybe two, of these pieces into an outfit to not overdo the look. Also, be careful with anything camouflage as it can be distracting and hard to match if used incorrectly. I would suggest picking out military pieces in more basic colors like green, black, brown, tan and gray.

Megan, a sophomore at Rose Hill, not only incorporated some amazing army-style pieces into her look, but she kept it on point by pairing them with more luxe, feminine items. I was drawn to the exceptional juxtaposition of these tough pieces mixed with her softer pieces. I love how she united all of these trends into one.

Her dark green army-style jacket, embellished with gold studs and pockets was interestingly paired with a sheer blouse in a beautiful cream shade. I love how she paired these together, allowing a formal looking top to be dressed down. Her black leggings with thick seams were a fun alternative to typical black jeans and drew the eye down to her shoes, my favorite item on her. I lusted over these black, spiked loafers, which are also a great substitute to basic flats and add a funky touch to her outfit.

Another army-inspired piece she was sporting was her stylish, grey and black tweed backpack. Backpacks are re-blossoming again, especially on college campuses, as a sophisticated new take on the handbag, usually used by most college girls. Megan's backpack meshed perfectly with her ensemble and added an extra dose of military inspiration. Lastly, her vintage yellow flowered necklace and coveted blue Hermes bracelet were unexpected bursts of color that tied everything together.

Army-inspired pieces such as Megan’s, are easy to find at stores such as Urban Outfitters, Forever 21 and H&M. They offer affordable and contemporary ways to utilize army-style pieces that will make any outfit tough and edgy, but still stay on trend. 

Alex Casolaro is currently a sophomore at Fordham University and is a Communications and Media Studies major. Alex is completely enticed with the fashion world and living in New York City has only inspired her more to pursue a career in the fashion industry. She is greatly influenced by photographing and documenting street style and keeping tabs on the happenings of the fashion industry locally and globally. Check out some of her posts at 

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