November 18, 2011

Intern Diaries: Market Week

Just a recently, Company X was right in the middle of the busiest week, Market Week. Market Week is the week right after Fashion Week. The buyers from major department stores and retail stores all over the world came to Company X to meet with sales executives, my bosses, to view the line and to make purchases. To prepare for these meetings, other interns and I had to make sure that the Show Room was in perfect shape. We had to organize the racks so that they are in “line sheet order,” meaning the garments were all hanging in the correct orders, put all of the garments on “nice” hangers instead of plastic ones, check for any garment damages and make sure that the models were present and in their assigned dressing rooms with the appropriate garments. For each individual appointment, it is the interns’ responsibility to make sure that all of the garments are laid out for the buyers, everyone in the meeting has their own line sheet or book and that beverages are placed on every table. When these meetings run smoothly it makes Company X look professional and helps them maintain their relationships with the buyers. If an intern fails to distribute line sheets to all of the buyers at the meeting, they will get very frustrated and valuable time will be wasted. Market week is, by far, the busiest week at Company X so interns have to always be on their feet and proactive! (Definitely a week to choose flats over heels!)

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