November 11, 2011

Featured: Well Deserved Recognition


This week we here at FFP would like to take the opportunity to recognize a group of special Fordham University students and teachers; they are members of New York’s Army and Navy/Marine Corps ROTC Unit. Today, we celebrate 11/11/11, or the 73rd observance of Veteran’s Day, a day to remember all of our nation’s heroes.
So here at Fordham, it’s time to do our part. It’s time to acknowledge the future heroes of America walking amongst us. Understand that they do not seek acclaim or attention; they want to blend in to the crowd just as we all do, but that does not mean they do not deserve the greatest respect and appreciation.

Part of each unit are Officers and Enlisted men who help train the Cadets and Midshipman. We should all remember these men who have served our nation’s armed services for many years not only protecting our country but now training its newest and brightest Officers as part of the ROTC program.

As is the tradition of 11:11 AM and PM to make a wish, let us make this wish at 11:11 AM on 11/11/11: That all our troops do their duty but more importantly that they ALL come home safe to their friends and family. 

God Bless the troops and God Bless America!

Here's a great video to remember our troops featuring American Soldier by Toby Keith. 

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