November 24, 2011

Featured: Black Friday Survival Tips

1. Wear comfortable clothing! You'll want to be able to maneuver with ease around crowds and racks. It's also a plus when you need to try things on and don't want to waste time waiting for a dressing room.

2. Do your homework. Research the best deals beforehand and the various prices at each store. Print out any extra in-store coupons and plan your day (like which stores should you hit first). Try using to help plan accordingly. It posts all the ongoing deals from a variety of stores.

3. Be reasonable. Consider whether or not you really need to purchase something. Avoid impulse buys just because it's on sale. (Unless you know you'll regret not buying it. Carry it around with you and decide later if you need it or not.)

4. Fill your online carts now for Black Friday or Cyber Monday so that all you have to do is apply coupon codes and check-out. It makes the process as simple and painless as possible.

5. Be green and efficient! If you plan to buy a lot, bring your own shopping totes that can double as a tool to make the grabbing process less chaotic. It will also save shopping bags at checkout!

‎6. Have fun! Make sure to go with friends to make this experience less stressful!

Good luck!

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