October 18, 2011

The Maroon Man: Looking Cool, Keeping Warm

Walking along the paths of Fordham, one sees students scrambling to class, professors holding conversations, black squirrels, and many different styles. Walking along the Freeman side of Eddies I spotted a young man with killer style. He is this week’s Maroon Man. 

Nicos, from San Francisco, California, nailed a preppy and laid back look with a soft blue button down, stone khakis, and the symbol of all things prep, Sperry’s. Socks with Sperry’s, to many, are a cardinal sin no matter the time of year. So as we quickly approach the bitter cold of a New York winter how can we keep this laid back look for the changing season? It’s simple. Layer.

Layering is the key to keeping symbols of summer fashionable even in the colder months. This can be achieved with sweaters, coats, and cords, which can simply be added to the look and are appropriate for winter. For Nicos, there is no need to change out of this great button down. Just roll down the sleeves and throw a cashmere or wool V-neck sweater. If it’s really cold, a shawl collar cardigan could also work. Polo Ralph Lauren has some great options. A cardigan would work best only because it doesn’t entirely cover the shirt, but either are a great option when it comes to bundling up.

To transition this look into the much colder months, try swapping khakis for a pair of cords. Since khakis are made of cotton, they are very light and airy. They’re perfect for summer, but not too practical for winter. Corduroys are made for cold weather because the thicker stitching lets less air in, so you stay toasty and warm. Try looking for a fun color other than brown or gray to spice up your look. These Henna cords by Rockin’ Sartorial are a great option.

With these tips, Nicos can stay comfortable when November rolls around. He can still sport  his key summer pieces and not lose the essence of this stylish look.

Joe Coscia is a sophomore at Fordham College Rose Hill studying Communications and minoring in Business Administration.  He is originally from Pennsylvania and is thrilled for his second year with Fashion For Philanthropy.  He also can't wait to help Fordham's guys stay stylish with budget friendly finds and splurges.  Dress Well, Live Smart Fordham!

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